Thursday, May 28, 2009

All in One Piece

While Summer may be upon us (give or take a few rainy days) it is pretty much officially "bathing suit season". I've always been the bikini type of gal myself, but as I was perusing online I stumbled across very chic one-pieces that may have turned me into a sometimes bikini gal.



1. camilla and marc (ShopBop; $229): Whenever I see or think of ruffles I automatically think feminine. This suit makes girly girl side of me want to come out and play (or take a dip in the pool). The back of the suit is also beautiful, however it probably does call for some pretty ugly tan lines.

2. Forever 21 Feather Peacock Monokini ($22.80): Recently Forever 21 has come out with a line of swimsuits which I happen to adore. They are cheap, fun, and definitely offer a variety to work with. I love the colors of this particular suit, as well as the cut.

3. American Eagle Retro Suit ($19.99): The basic black bathing suit in all of it's glory. The ties call for this suit to be a halter, but I like how it is criss-crossed in the picture.

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